Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay am I the only person not making weekly or monthly meal menus?? Tell me, be honest. Am I missing the boat on this one? How do I make what I make each day to eat?? I ask my husband or son or daughter or myself what we would like for dinner. Does that sound crazy??? I have been working on a printed shopping list. I loved mine on Works but now it will not print for me. Kind of ruins the idea of a "printed shopping list" when one does not print out. I figure having one would help with lists when we go shopping. I could just hang it on the fridge and as we need items it would get marked on the list to buy. We will see how that one works out. Usually I make the list and I buy everything or I send Sean to buy what I need. This works well until I decide to make something that calls for an item I do not have. Make sense or is it as clear as mud for you. See now I go back to thinking I need a weekly menu.

I found this online and am giving it a try. I will let you know if I keep up with it or if is just easier writing everything down. I think this will be a real help for me. We will see. Here is the link to list I am using right now Better get mine finished and head to the store, the game of the year is on tonight, Oklahoma vs. Florida, my MIL is coming over to watch the game and I am fixing some great game food. I will post what I come up with later on.

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  1. I make my menu and shopping list at the same time. Usually, that means I rarely miss an item I need for a recipe, but I still mess up every once in a while. My menu plan is not "Monday-stew, Tuesday-meatloaf, etc.." I just make a list for 14 dinners, lunch ideas and breakfast ideas and we decide what we want that night. Sometimes I know "wed. will be leftovers" or "sunday will be pizza" because of how the food and day will go-lol! But, usually, I don't plan which if the meals we will eat until that day or even when it is time to cook ;)