Friday, October 9, 2009

Mustard Greens

Mustard greens top my favorite list of Fall veggies. I love to eat these greens along with fried cornbread, nothing else is really needed. This year Ransome decided he likes them also and actually asked for seconds... He was sick earlier in the week, maybe still hallucinating, not sure. I will, however, need to pick lots more to meet our ever growing mustard green need. This is What's Cookin on Beaty's Creek today.


2 Walmart bags full of fresh cut mustard greens-cleaned
Canola Oil
Salt to taste

I wash my greens 3 times. I fill my sink with greens and then cover them with water, dip and then remove from sink and repeat this process 2 more times. I hate grit in my greens so I wash them extremely well. I then cover them in a pot with water and cook them for 30 minutes. Next drain the greens of most of their water and add about 1/2 cup oil and salt to taste. Continue to cook for 30 minutes. I cut mine greens with a metal spatula as they soften. Eat with fried cornbread.