Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cajun Boiling Pot

Many moons ago there was a restaurant in Tulsa Oklahoma called the Cajun Boiling Pot. It was so good and different from the ordinary that it quickly became a favorite. Every time we had friends or family in town, we would just have to take them there. What made this place so different was that they did not serve on plates. When your low country boil was ready, they would bring it to your paper lined table and dump it in the center. This was before the Food Channel or Emeril and anyone in the great state of Oklahoma cooked like this, much less served like this. Many of my high school friends were shocked, in a good way, when their food was brought to them. Well a few years ago the Cajun Boiling Pot closed and we had to fend for ourselves, so this is our Cajun Boiling Pot. Give it a try and you will be having this again and again on those special family get togethers. One of the best things about this...there are no dishes to wash afterwards! This is What's Cookin on Beaty's Creek this first day of Summer and Raven's 17th birthday!

15 ears corn-cut in half
7 pounds red potatoes
3 pounds yellow onions-cut in quarters with the skin left on
5 pounds shrimp
5 pounds Cajun and or hot links-cut into 2 inch slices
5 pounds crab legs
1/4 cup salt
cayenne to taste
2 heads garlic-sliced in half
(you can add crawdads but we prefer them prepared other ways)

Boil water in a huge pot seasoned with Old Bay Crab Boil, salt, and cayenne. Add in potatoes and cook for 12 minutes on a steady boil. Now add in corn, onions, and hot links. Boil these for an additional 8 minutes and then remove everything from the pot. Now add shrimp and crab and boil for 8 minutes and now remove all of these from the pot. Now dump everything on top of a table covered with newspapers and serve with melted butter, cocktail sauce and french bread.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Canned Pineapple

Ever since Raven vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago, she has loved fresh pineapple. I have finally learned how to pick a fresh, and ripe, pineapple at the store. Our family of five can sure put away the pineapple. I hate to think when winter hits there will be no fresh pineapple. I know it is spring but I always think of the future hee hee...anyway, Sean bought me 10 pineapples so I decided to can pineapple this year. I had to fight off the kiddos while I cleaned them but I did manage to have quite a bit left after their fly by raids. Each pineapple makes 1 quart, not bad if you ask me. Like I said, I am sure one was eaten in the canning process. This is What’s Cookin on Beaty’s Creek this extra hot day!


10 pineapples
4 cups sugar
12 cups water
10-quart jars, flats and rings

Clean your pineapples and cut into chunks. Bring to a boil the water and sugar. Pack pineapple into clean jars. When water and sugar aka syrup are boiling ladle into packed jars. This is now the time to boil your flats. I never boil mine but just heat them until bubbles form on them in the water. Now place flats on clean jar tops and screw rings on tightly. Place into hot water bath canner and cover jars with 2 inches of water. When water begins to boil start timer. Boil for 20 minutes. Cool jars and place in cabinet.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Already?????

I cannot believe it is June 1st! June is the busiest month by far on Beaty's Creek. First off we have Ransome's birthday on June 8th, then we have Raven's birthday on the 21st, my mother's on the 25th, and then Raine's on the 27th. I am tired from just typing all of that. Oh, did I mention Raine starts ballet this month and Ransome has several different skateboard adventures planned. OMG, Raven is touring colleges too. Okay I will quit rambling but sometimes a girl has to share. On the food side of this there will be some yummy cake recipes and of course some new canning recipes! That is What's Cookin on Beaty's Creek today.