Friday, December 2, 2011

Cherry Cheesecake

I admit it, I could easily eat a whole "good" cheesecake. This has not been a problem for me because I have never really made a "good" cheesecake. Yes, the pumpkin cheesecake that I make is really "good" but this cherry cheesecake is the one. Now with that being said......This cheesecake recipe is "GOOD" and must not be made very often in our home or I will have to roll every where I go. Give this a try and you will love it, I promise! This is What's Cookin this cold December morning.


1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1/3 cup margarine-melted
1/4 cup sugar

Mix all of the ingredients together and then press into a 9-inch spring form pan. Cover bottom of spring form pan tightly with foil since it will be sitting in a water bath to bake.

Now fill a large baking sheet with hot water (I have about 2 inches of water in my baking sheet) and place into a 475' degree oven. This is where your cheesecake will bake.


4 8-ounce packages cream cheese-softened to room temperature VERY IMPORTANT
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 vanilla beans-scraped
5 eggs-room temperature VERY IMPORTANT

Make sure that your cream cheese and eggs are room temperature. I have made a lot of cheesecakes and this is the MOST important hint I can give you. Mix your cream cheese and sugar until creamy. Now add in your scraped vanilla beans. Now you will add in 1 egg at a time until you have added all the eggs. Make sure each egg gets mixed in before adding the next. Now pour into prepared pan. Place pan in water bath and bake in a preheated 475' oven for 12 minutes. Reduce oven heat to 350' and continue to bake for 55-60 minutes. Do not be tempted to open your oven before the time is up. Remove from water bath and let cool completely.

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