Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sante Fe Chicken Casserole

This is an easy and tasty meal that you can make ahead of time. Everyone really liked this and of course that was a huge bonus for me. :) Spring has finally sprung on Beaty's Creek and so has storm season. I love this time of year, just have to remember we will miss these storms once the Summer heat hits. This is What's Cookin on Beaty's Creek today.

1 whole chicken-boiled, boned, and chopped
1 can whole kernal corn- drained
1 can black beans-rinsed
1 can diced tomatoes-drained
1 pound whole wheat pasta-boiled
1 pound of cheddar cheese-shredded
3 containers of Philadephia Sante Fe Cooking Creme
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix chicken, pasta, corn and black beans all together. Salt and pepper to taste. Now mix in Philadephia and the cheese. Baked covered for 30 minutes in a 350' oven.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Whole Foods Cooking Class

I will be cooking all vegan at Whole Foods tomorrow evening. Check out their website and sign up!
We will eat some tasty treats that are as healthy as they are good! Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

English Muffins

English muffins are one of Sean's favorites but for me, not so much.  I much prefer a buttery croissant that is much healthier (~; Raven calls English muffins"egg McMuffins." Wonder what she eats at Mickey D'd???  Any who this recipe is plenty good and not too awful hard to make.  The worst part is waiting for the muffins to rise a second time and this IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Let them rise enough or you will not have the little bubbly holes in your English muffins that are oh so yummy.  This is What's Cookin on Beaty's Creek.  By the way has anyone seen Spring??


3 cups all purpose flour
2  t yeast
1 t salt
1 T sugar
1 1/2 cups warm water
2 T butter-melted
1/2 cup cornmeal

Mix water, yeast, salt, and sugar.  Let yeast proof.  Now add in your butter and flour.  When all comes together knead for 10 minutes.  Now cover and let rise until doubled in size.  Took about 1hour in my kitchen.  Once dough has risen, break into 9 equal balls and flatten slightly.  Place the slightly flattened balls on a cornmeal coated sheet of parchment paper. Let them double in size.  This took about 50 minutes in my kitchen.  Now heat up a large cast iron skillet over medium heat.  Place 3 of your risen muffins in the heated skillet and cover with a lid.  Now reduce the heat to low-medium.  Cook for 8-9 minutes and then flip and continue to cook for 5 minutes more.  Cool completely.  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Send good vibes to Oklahoma today.....

I am competing  in a cooking contest for the first time tonight. What am I making you ask???  I hope you are asking.  A cobbler, not just any cobbler but a really super, good one that I hope the judges will LOVE!!!!  I will post the recipe very soon so you to can make this yummy cobbler!!!  Well that is What's Cookin today on Beaty's Creek!  If you are in the area come on out, sample and VOTE for my cobbler!! Here is the info  Hope to see there!!!