Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Every year I write up a menu with the date in the heading, like the one above. Not sure why?? Maybe it is my type A personality coming out. Who knows? All I know is that it makes me happy to see the menu with what is needed handwritten next the menu choice. I use recipes my family loves and always have. Not too many new things, maybe one or two but the comfort food is what they want. Me too... I have a tablecloth I made many years ago with every feather known to man on it. We have used it every year since. I made embroidered napkins this year on my new machine, love them. I cannot believe I have not done it before. Well enough chit chat. Here is the menu. I will post recipes in a day or so and the pictures will come on Turkey Day.

Turkey-- of course, I am cooking a 22 pounder this year in my Nesco with the convection feature. I truly love my Nesco! If you don't have one you must get one. It frees up your oven for many other things on Turkey Day.

Ham-- we always have ham too

Grandma Minnie's Sweet Potatoes-- These are to die for!!

Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy--enough said

Cranberry Sauce--I make homemade. I like the store bought when in the hospital but you should at least try making a homemade version this year.

Broccoli Casserole-- This is my favorite.. My recipe is a little different.

Granny West's Corn Casserole--- This is my father's favorite. Sweet and savory at the same time. Granny knew what she was doing when it came to cooking.

Green Beam Casserole--Love it but I do tweak it a bit.

Homemade Hot Rolls--These are the BEST and EASIEST you will ever eat or make. Stay tuned..

Dressing--Yes, we call it dressing on Beaty's Creek. My husband helps with this. I love it raw out of the bowl. I am hungry for it right now. Must wait..Must wait..

5 Cup Salad--Everyone really likes this. Cool and fruity

7 Layer Salad-- I use baby greens in this because Raven HATES iceberg. Me too.

Deviled Eggs---Would not be a holiday without these.

Pecan Pie---I use organic pecans. We grow pecan trees at my mom and dad's farm. They make such a difference!

Pumpkin Pie-- Basic but so good

2 Layer Pumpkin Pie-- Like a cheesecake but even better to me.

Chocolate Chip Pie-- I could eat the whole thing but of course I don't....

Pumpkin Roll--Looks so impressive but is really pretty easy to make. Just takes some practice.

Ice Tea and Coffee

I make my pie crust. It is just easier for me. I like to know what goes into our food. Ever read a store bought crust's ingredients?? Scary!!

There it is. You never know what fresh produce will make me think of something to add to the menu. I will shop in the following week. Get your menu going. You might be like me and have one every year now. It is something to see year after year. Gets me in the mood. Oh wait, I am always in the mood for good food.