Friday, November 14, 2008

Turkey and Ham

I have ordered fresh turkeys for years and love them. I think the taste is the best for the money too. Here is what I do and it is nothing too fancy. I know a lot of you brine your turkeys for taste and moistness but to tell the truth, I have never had a bad tasting turkey. That is since I took over the cooking role of my mother when I was 12. Sorry mom. :)

Rinse thawed or fresh turkey and pat dry
Rub oil all over bird. This means inside and out. The oil really makes the skin taste good. You will want to place your salt and pepper in small dishes. I do this so I will not cross contaminate the salt and pepper mills. Salt and pepper the turkey INSIDE and OUT generously. Don't worry if it looks like a lot. It will soak into the meat on the inside and remember you only get a small piece of skin with each slice of turkey. Place in a large roasting pan and bake in your oven according to your turkey's cooking instructions. I use my Nesco, so there is no need to baste but when I use the oven I baste every hour that the turkey is in the oven. I also cover my turkey in the oven with foil when it reaches the brown color I like.

Now on to the ham. We really like Cure 81 hams. My husband is really quite picky on what ham he likes. I guess not picky but he likes what he likes. I guess that is where the children get that from. We don't use glazes either. I just put the ham in the oven in a covered roasting pan and warm it through at 325'. Depending on the size this can take anywhere from 30--1 1/2 hours.

That is it for now. Raven opened her play yesterday with the lead role! We will go celebrate today.

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