Monday, October 20, 2008

Native Soup

We eat this soup with fry bread anytime the weather cools off, like now. The whole family loves this soup and it is odd because usually each kiddo likes what they like and that’s that. Nice to have something the whole family agrees on. Try this one...

Here is the recipe, hope you like it...

Native Soup
Beef rump roast chunked up
5 pounds of potatoes peeled and chunked up
4 onions peeled and quartered
Place all of the above ingredients, except for the potatoes; you will add these the last 30 minutes of cooking, into a soup pot and cover with water. Salt and pepper to your taste. We like it pretty peppery. But it is completely up to your tastes how you season it. Once the meat is tender and the broth look rich add your potatoes. This should be the last 30 minutes of cooking. Serve with fry bread and your meal is complete. I will post my fry bread recipe another time. What are you waiting for, get cooking!!

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